Improve Download

I suggest please add fast download and improve download option so that user can easily download anything.


Thank you for your feedback. However, Iā€™m not entirely sure what you mean by this. Would you mind elaborating? I just want to make sure we understand you completely so that Brave can provide the best browsing experience possible.

I just mean that " Powerful download option so that user can easily download any video or anything. Its Smart download. And i think Brave should brigh extra ul upgrade design i mean some change in browser looking. I said it because Chrome and Brave design are same so i want some looking change.

You mean like ā€œDownThemAllā€ built-in to Brave?

Yes like this. (for android + windows)

And sir add sync options. In new android version i can not get any options. Some options i found in website but i can not found my android browser.