PiP mode, Quick Access Apps, Customisation etc

Hellooo :)!

I would like you to add a few features.

1.) Picture in Picture mode. This is handy for people with one or multiple screens. It allows you to watch a video while you are busy with something else. This is extremely handy, and it is better if it is implemented rather than people using extensions that might be glitchy, spotty or just bad. It is very convenient and fun.

2.) Allow us to use our own pictures for themes etc. It would be great if we can change DuckDuckGo etc themes using our own wallpapers. This adds a lot more customisation and most people will probably prefer their own pictures to some random themes. Themes can also mess with dark mode, make text hard to see sometimes and be ugly. The more people can make their browsers unique and theirs, the better I think it will be.

3.) Allow us to launch web apps from a shortcut or something. It would be great if we can have a small screen where you can log into Whatsapp and then be able to use it via the web. This avoids us having to download Whatsapp which takes space, slows the computer and is just a bit less convenient. The same can be done with Spotify, Discord and Twitch. Opera GX did this, and if you can implement it, while keeping the privacy, then you will draw more customers this way. Just allow users a choice to disable it too.

4.) If you can just fix the pixelated speed dial icons or allow us to add our own, that would be cool. Some of my speed dial icons are pixelated and it doesn’t look great.

5.) A location customisable weather service. This is great, because you can check the weather of any place right from the home page or something.

Brave is fast, and if you can keep Brave fast or make it faster, I think you will draw a lot of people from other browsers, because gamers and everyone else for that matter wants something that doesn’t slow their PC or use a lot of resources. I’m sure there are ways to implement this and keep the privacy factors. Some of these features are on Opera GX browser, meaning that if you can do it better and/or do something similar, you will draw more people.

Stay amazing :D!