Slow tabs - opening and switching

I don’t know if this is a problem inherited from Chrome or original to Brave, but when a few tabs are open, switching between them takes about a second, even when there is no active code, downloads or feeds running there. In case this was a Chrome keepsake, I did read online that Chome has a 1000-millisecond minimum for tab reloading. Can anything be done about this? And this article is about “tab discarding,” Chome’s dumping of contents of inactive tabs: How to Stop Chrome from Reloading When You Switch Tabs. But there is no “Automatic tab discarding” in Brave’s settings accessed by going to chrome://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding or brave://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding. My computer is very old and slow, so it might struggle even with a few open tabs (and extra processes), if there was intense activity there, but, long story short, I didn’t have this problem in Firefox or Opera. Opening a few tabs or switching between them was instantaneous, so this is really something from Google. Plus, tabs don’t actually begin to load until I switch to them for the first time, which is the opposite of how I want them to behave. Very often I right-click on links to open in new tabs, load there and wait until I look, saving me time, but the browser will have none of it. What can I do about any of this? Practical advice would be appreciated.

automatic-tab-discarding was replaced with brave://discards/

If system resources are tight, I would recommend removing as many extensions as possible.

I appreciate your advice, but there is nothing with the word “discard” in either address for the flags. Nor do I have many extensions, just a couple of ad blockers. They come in when the page is first loaded, I don’t think they run actively all the time. I am noticing a strange delay before many functions respond, however, not only when switching between tabs, but also even clicking up in the address bar. About a second passes before the bar becomes active and I can type in it. On the other hand, the menus and buttons respond immediately, so this is not a general slow-down.

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