New Tabs Responds Slowly

When opening a new tab, it takes 10 secs or so before you can do anything in that tab. In searching the posts, looks like this has been an ongoing problem. Can this get fixed soon?

I have Version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit) in Win10-64.

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Try exiting out all instances of Brave in task manager and try again. Also, try disabling any extensions you are running.

I disabled all extensions, saved all my tabs as a bookmark, then removed all tabs, and disabled display of the bookmarks in its ribbon, so that Brave starts-up clean with no tabs. When I start it up, the background is immediately displayed but I get the rotating circle for 10 secs before I can do anything. If I open a new window, then the new background is not displayed for 10 secs. Once displayed, I can now use Brave. This is the same as it was before I did those disables.

Go to brave://settings/system and turn off hardware acceleration – this might help.

That makes no difference. It takes the same amount of time, ~10 secs, with it on of off.

Does the number of bookmarks make a difference? I imported a large number of html bookmarks from Firefox. That seems to have made it worse. To test it, I created a new profile, and with no extensions or bookmarks, it was fast. I then loaded the extension, and it was still on. Then I loaded the bookmarks, than about 2 hours later, it was slow. Is the number of bookmarks a problem?

I think I found the problem. I created a new profile, loaded up the extensions that I want, then imported a list of 1300+ HTML bookmarks, then did a new window, all is nice and fast. But if I go to the URL of my router in that new tab of the new window with no other tabs open, using this:

then open a new window, it takes 10 secs to display the image. The browser is hung while I’m waiting. If I close that window, then close Brave, then reopen Brave, then create a new window, it again takes 10 secs to display the image. Once its in that mode, there is nothing I can do except delete that profile, delete the User Data folder, copy a clean version of User Data to that location, then restart Brave. Then it will work as if it were a new installation, with new windows displaying the background image very fast. My router is an Asus RT-AC86U with Merlin 384.16 inside. I have no idea what that website is doing to Brave to make it misbehave. It does not appear to have that effect on Firefox or Chrome. Let me know if you need any further info.

I’m having this same issue.
If I open a new tab and immediately start typing I get 1 or 2 characters in before the background colour (I’ve turned off photos to troubleshoot) loads and then no more address bar happens until after about 10 seconds that background colour finishes loading and the character I was typing are filled in from my system/keyboard buffer.

FYI I’m on Windows 10 on an i5 8th Gen Intel processor with 16GB RAM and Brave Version 1.8.95 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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