Opening a new Tab is way too slow


I’m using Brave Versión 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bits) for Mac and since I installed this new version when I open a new tab it takes about 15 seconds to be functional. Is that a bug in this version?


Welcome to community @carlosnino, Carlos.

It’s definitely not normal behavior. I’m not using it on Mac so I hope other Mac OS users would join in & help with their experience.

One thing is 4 sure: 15 seconds is way too much. Did you try some dummy tricks like restarting? Does anything help?

I suppose you don’t have too much tabs open OR you’re low on RAM (Memory usage)?

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I did restart and uninstall a tab session manager but no go. I got 32GB of RAM and never had problems with 4 browsers open with several tabs open in each of them. But this morning I upgraded Brave and it all started. When I open a new tab is shows 6 Top Sites, time, statistics, etc just like before.
What I said at first about the 15 seconds, it’s not that the tab takes that long to load, the thing is that the browser completely hangs for 15 seconds.


I confirm that on this version with macOS 10.14.6 it may take a long time to start connection and download for some resources.

  1. Using private-mode to disable all plugins won’t help.
  2. Using curl could get the same content very quickly, so it’s not website’s problem.
  3. It can’t reproduce 100%. It seems a website with the more resources to download has higher hit rate (subjectively), I guess it may relate to connection reuse.
  4. Close all tabs for same website won’t help, those resources are still blocked-like. Bur if restarting Brave, it can usually clear the slow status.

Here is what I get for your with cache disabled, it downloads 6.4MB during 1.5min.

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Actually it’s macOS 10.11.6
I worked perfectly fine in Brave’s previous version but I upgraded and the problem started.

I just ungraded my macOS 10.14.4 Macbook to Brave’s latest version and the problem does not appear so I guess it’s an OS compatibility issue.

Is there a way to move back to a a previous version of Brave?

Hi, same problem here. I got MacOS10,13,6. the slow tab problem started happening about 1/2 weeks ago


This sits there for a long time:


It’s painful and I don’t use Brave because of it. It’s only the new tab that causes this delay, opening a link in a new tab is fine.

It’s particularly ironic given the “Estimated Time Saved” is much much less than time wasted waiting for a new tab.

Sure, put something interesting and useful there, but don’t waste time with it.

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Yep same thing Ive read elsewhere its because theyve added binance widget onto the blank tab that pulls data from Binance which takes time and its an astonishingly silly thing to have on blank page to depend on some 3rd party to pull heavy data on BTC pricing etc. Fix it otherwise nobody will be using this browser soon enough. There is a workaround by installing a BLANK TAB EXTENSION that will load a blank new tab overriding the brave’s native idiocy. Please fix it, its a great browser stop polluting it with nonsense.

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Hello i’ve the same problem on my MacBook Pro OSX 10.11.6 after upgrade ;-(

[Normally I do not me-too a post, but I am seeing the same problem, so figured it might give another data point or more info, to help with the isolation.

Just noting that I am seeing the slow tab open performance, it is quite noticeable (the tab comes up, but anything that I type in does not show up for about a 10 count). I disabled all the extensions and turned off all the first screen customizations, made little to no difference:

I am not seeing the same on Windows 10 Pro (latest), just macOS. I do not see similar problems with Chrome, Edge, or Opera, just Brave. Something seems to just be getting hung up on Brave tab launches.

Same thing going with me, OS 10,14.6, it’s maddening having to sit and be unable to do anything for 15 seconds, until the tab finally loads!

Same Issue, “Slow Tab Opening”, using Windows 10.

System Specifications:

Issue started: On or 1 day after previous Brave Browser update.

Current Brave Version: V1.9.72 (updated today, before all screenshots and video)

Task Manager Screenshot:

Opening a New Tab:

Extensions: Nothing.

Attempted fixes (nothing has worked so far) :

  • Updated Brave Browser.
  • Restarted Brave, Computer, and Internet.
  • Closed all but one tab/window (see video above).
  • Closed all other Applications.
  • Modified ‘New Tab’ settings:
  • Cleared all ‘Browsing Data’.
  • Uninstalled Brave, deleted all related files (AppData for instance), and reinstalled.

    No issues encountered using Android version
    Let me know if you need additional specifics!

I have the same issue. With and without extensions. I’m using Mac OS X Mojave

I found a workaround for this very frustrating issue, at least until the Brave developers finally get on it, and fix it. It’s towards the bottom of this thread:

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I disabled HWA and it seems to work OK. I’ll try it for a day prowling around all types of web sites to see how it affects the performance.
But for now, THANK YOU!!!

Ok, I found my problem. I worked with 2 ATI Radeon VGA cards combined and one of them was leaking problems in various imaging and video applications. I disconnected one of them and enabled HWA in Brave end it opens up new tabs perfectly.
This is a solution for my problem but there might be a problem with older VGA cards (pre-2018)

Hope this helps!

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