Slow browsing - Recente update

Description of the issue:

Since the last update, brave is extremely slow loading some webpages, and some of them also have a high CPU usage while loading the content. Nothing changed in the settings. This is replicable with a new profile or even new clean install.

For instance, opening multiple pages leads to Brave becomes so slow that lags and is almost unusable for the time the pages are loading content. After everything is loaded, the browser is OK again.

This also happens more in pages that have ads - because more content is loading at the same time, so test it disabling the shields.

Disable/enable hardware acceleration shows no differences.
Drivers updates not applicable, before the latest update it was working fine and nothing change system level. Only brave updated.

Hardware is more that capable of handling brave - recent CPU, graphic and 32 GB memory RAM.

Before the update from 2 Feb everything was OK.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Windows 11 - latest version
Brave version: V1.35.100 (Feb 2, 2022)

Additional information:

This topic is more to know if any other user in the same condition notice this or is just me. :slight_smile:

Same issue and setup for me. I tried a few things but so far no luck.

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I was also having a massive slow down and have a very powerful PC. Try this go to brave://flags and search for ANGLE graphics backend the “Default” setting is what slows down brave so much when you have hardware acceleration enabled. I switched it out to “OpenGL” and a big performance difference.


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