I have a problem with the browser, why is it slow on Windows 11?

1-2 days ago the browser is starting to run slow does anyone know why? and when I look on Youtube. how to fix? that Windows 10 forces me to upgrade to 11, but Brave Browser is slow

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sorry, I didn’t know the post wasn’t sent, I think I clicked 2-3 times and sent spam by mistake.

Yes. Brave browser in Windows 11 has terrible performance. They should improve and optimize it.

How? every update, the browser doesn’t work anymore, that is, it’s very slow. only other browsers work well for me. especially Microsoft Edge or Google or Opera/Firefox both. now I can’t use it anymore, it’s very slow.

Mozilla Firefox is slow for me. Only Opera, Chrome and Edge works best for me. But i don’t want to use Edge and Chrome because they already occupied it and i want to use only one browser for my bookmarks and accounts.

@Mattches @steeven @SaltyBanana Please look into this. Thanks!


1 Disable hardware acceleration if ON.
2 Delete browser cache
3. Check your extensions

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I did it, it doesn’t work. and the other browsers are faster than that one, I don’t know why it’s so slow browser brave.

Hi @Andrei31

By any chance are you experiencing a similar issue to this? (this is an older issue but I want to confirm if you are experiencing the same thing).

I would need to know more information to investigate further what your issue might be.
Can you provide which version of Brave you are experiencing this issue? (found by going to brave://version)


Brave is always updated, I uninstalled it, I use other browsers because they are faster. the problem is that Brave is faster, then at some point it starts to run hard and the other browsers run much faster.
and I don’t think it’s from hardware acceleration because it doesn’t have any logic, I deactivated it. it goes for a while, then it goes hard.

@Andrei31 what I can’t figure out is I’ve seen some people saying it runs slower on 11. I just upgraded my Windows 10 Pro to Windows 11 Pro and have to say I’ve not really seen Brave go slow on either. I do still have some hiccups here and there, primarily on Reddit where it will freeze up when I go to type in a username like u/InsertNameHere to where I have to leave the page and come back for it to work. Or on me first going there, where it will occasionally not load the site at all (I forget the message) and I have to Reload.

Most sites though go with no issues. Just is Reddit that likes to give me a headache.

All of that said, can you do a favor and better explain what is happening when you say it’s slow? I mean, are you talking about time it takes to load sites? For videos? Is scrolling or interaction with the page slow/lagging?

For example, on YouTube does the site load but the video takes a bit? Are you referring to perhaps Live videos where there’s live chat but the chat itself can take a bit to load? I think it might be helpful to know a little more to get a better grasp on things.

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yes when I turn the page down or up or even when I watch videos.

works fine on other browsers. and when i scroll down or up or when i watch some videos it seems to move in replay i don’t know how to explain but it is. it does not move like in other browsers when I test the browser or when I reinstall Windows or when I test the browser it moves well then I start having problems at a time. when I use it one month two months or 1 year.

or when Windows updates appear.

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