Slack reloads all the time

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Login into a slack community (I tried it with
  2. Browser reloads the page approximately every second

Expected result:
Slack desktop client should open.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.37.113 Chromium: 100.0.4896.88 (Offizieller Build) (arm64)

Additional Information:
Everything works fine when using Chrome.
I also tried it in incognito mode and the same problem occurs, so clearing browser data shouldn’t bring anything.

@Edwar_D_Day ,

With Brave Browser running, in a New Window, go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData

Examine all the settings for all three tabs: Basic / Advanced / On exit

Be certain that those settings are what they should be, for your usage. In time, you will have tested those arrangments, and figured out what you need, there.

IMPORTANT: The cleaning / clearing away of cookies, thru that process, WILL NOT REMOVE ALL of them! If you are intent on removing all cookies, then you must also, in a New Window, be sure to go to: brave://settings/siteData and manually remove sources for cookies, there.

Quit Brave Browser. Wait a moment. Start Brave Browser.

In a New Window, go to brave://settings/cookies

Scroll down that settings page, to Sites that can always use cookies

Click the Add button

Enter as the site . . . but do not Enable

  • Current Private session only
  • Including third-party cookies on this site

Click the Add button

Repeat those steps for:

Next, go to brave://settings/content/javascript

Scroll down that javascript settings page to Allowed to use javascript

Click the Add button

Enter as the site . . . but do not Enable

  • Current Private session only

Click the Add button

Repeat those steps for:

In order to learn, what website sources (of cookies and scripts) may be involved, learn to use the Developer Tools > Network tool for monitoring items, and use the Developer Tools > Application for learning sources of, and examining, Cookies.

How to use Developer Tools

Developer Tools > Network tool is where you search for sources of scripts and other items that will qualify despite their not being obvious scripts.


Developer Tools > Application tool is where you will find the sources of cookies.

This didn’t help me. Slack still reloads every time I try to login. Additionally I don’t see how cleaning cookies would help, if I try it in a private window, because I would expect, that a private window would not have any website data from my normal session.

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