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I am getting sites redirected to Onion sites. This just started happening recently. If I go to theGuardian news, I am redirected to a new browser which goes to an Onion site. This happened today with the New York Times. I used a Mac OS uninstaller to remove Brave then reinstalled. The Brave browser reInstalled still goes to the onion sites. How do I stop this, I really like the Brave browser which I have been using for a while. Other news sites are normal. After uninstalling Brave the new installation appeared with the same bookmarks, I was expecting a totally clean/new browser.
Thanks Kevin

Just a guess, but disable the function to automatically redirect to onion sites? (located at brave://settings/privacy) Also helps if you’re not using Brave in Tor window, which I’m assuming you are for it to go to onion sites. (If not using in Private with Tor, then sounds like you’re using an extension or something)

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Thank you for your response, I did not add anything to the browser. This all started by clicking on a news link I believe. So far the two sites which redirect are Guardian and NYT other news sites so far are unaffected. I did a search and TheGuardian did set up a Tor site. I have no extensions installed. I wanted to delete the app and start with a fresh install but after deleting the new version came with the same bookmarks and the same onion problem.

I am on a Mac and do not have Private Window with Tor

I found it and thanks much for your help.

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