Brave blocks itself

I’m using Brave browser to visit and it’s blocked for some reason:
Brave blocks

But when I use LibreWolf to visit then everything works fine. Why is this happening, and how do we solve the block?

Maybe some extensions are causing issues. The site works fine for me.

It worked fine until maybe a week or two ago, and I didn’t install new extensions during that time

You don’t have to install new things. Sometimes new updates in browser or existing extensions can break stuff. Have you tried doing in Private window or in a new profile to see if it works there?

The other thing I’ll ask: Are you using Brave with Tor? If so, likely is an issue some have been experiencing while having Automatically redirect .onion sites enabled, which blocks.

For example, I activated it all:

Then typed in on new window

It opened as such:

But then I had a new window open as well:

I’m using Brave without Tor, but I’m using Mullvad VPN with it. I’m not sure if it has to do with VPN.

When I ran Brave in private window to visit, it’s still blocked.

@amab8901 if you go to the settings as I showed in screenshot, do you have it enabled?

You can find that in brave://settings/privacy.

I know you said without using Tor, but I’m curious if the automatically redirect onion sites might still somehow be on, even with Tor off, such as below:

I think I had seen someone not too long ago who said this was an issue for them. So I’m just double/triple checking

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I had those settings on, and indeed turning them off fixed the problem. Thanks :slight_smile: I hope Brave will find a way to make it work

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