Site loads on Private window but not on Normal window

i read this thread today and i know the solution for this

Since its locked, im adding solution here so it helps someone in future who has this same issue

  1. create a new profile on brave and load the problematic website which loads only on private window and not on normal window
  2. click on the lock icon and select cookies

see all cookies list

Now go to


search for all of the sites that you saw in cookies list and delete them there.

After deleting, the issue will still not be fixed but that’s mostly due to you have opened multiple windows like 4 or 5 windows and had the problematic site loaded on them…

Thoroughly inspect all open tabs and close all tabs of the problematic site first…

once every single tab of the problematic tab is closed, the issued will be fixed and site will start to load properly.

i had this issue

and this i how i fixed, simply deleting cookies and cache wont work, you need to close all tabs that you have loaded across different windows first to fix this issue.

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