Site issues with Brave

Well I don’t know how to reproduce it b/c there’s no warning/error.

All I know is that when I’m told it’s working & it logged my miles, I never get the e-mail telling me about that & I never get the miles added to my AA reward air miles account.

The extension is tied to your AA eshopping account and when you go to any site that uses the miles system, their popup asks you if you want to activate it. It automatically knows you’ve landed on one of the sites.

You can either click the “yes” or “wait until later” links.

If you click on yes, then it takes you to the eshopping site to log in & then you also have to log into the site you were just about to buy from.

Once you buy, it should recognize that & again, tell you with a popup that it tracked the miles.

For you to test it, you’d have to sign up here., install the extension (where it says button is where the extension is), & then get to a site that is one of the partners. They are all listed on the site. If you order online a lot, I’m sure one of your stores is listed there. But of course you also have to have an AA air miles reward card.

Can you also respond to what I wrote about the “save passwords?”


Regarding your passwords – can you tell me sites, specifically, continue to offer to save your passwords?

@Mattches - I have no idea as I never kept them & I don’t sign up for new sites every day.

I just signed up here & it asked me again.

I’ll add more sites when & if I join them.


:point_up_2: Can you tell me what you mean by “different Chrome people”? Do you mean browser profiles?

Sorry, I meant Brave persons.

Yes, different browser profiles. Did Chrome change it to say profiles? It used to be persons.

@Mattches - So this was a login, not a signup & it just asked me. Different profile

P.S. Just so you know, I use Last Pass. I hope to be changing from them soon. Logmein bought them out 2-3 years ago & RUINED the software. TERRIBLE company. They even raised the price by a huge amount.

It was the best login software out there & I have been using it since around 2009, & they demolished it & they don’t care. I’ve been reading complaints even about their tech support.

Many users are leaving it & I finally found some time to find a competitor that has most of the features LP has & if they don’t, they are working on implementing the ones they don’t have.

Thank gawd, b/c for over a year now it’s been terrible to use & I thought there was nothing out there to compete with them & that I’d be forced to continue to use only them.

I’m only writing a long thing on this so other users know I found a solution.

I don’t think this is what’s triggering Brave, but you never know with them. I never had this issue with Chrome.

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Hello, is anyone going to get back to me re: the other issues?

This issue (new one) has happened to me a few times now & I’m really frustrated with it.

It asks me to prove I’m a human, I keep doing what it wants & it keeps saying I’m not doing it right.

This has happened on different Brave profiles.!o9c13KpJ!HWlDsm0-ePje92_NiLs-mj8NLfa8H4TQwXoKZuaWWj8

This is working now, but it does ask me several times before it takes.

Also, why doesn’t the money (BAD) go into my Uphold account?

ANOTHER issue that wasted my time contacting the compnay, them saying they have no other reports that this is an issue.

AND I even turned off the shield & I still had issues - sigh is the site. I went to go change the p/w inside after being logged in & the button wouldn’t click.

So they told me to change it thru the “forget p/w” link. I did that & entered in the new p/w & up popped a window where you have to insert the old p/w & then the new one. This is the same popup that showed up when I tried to change the p/w inside the account & again the “change p/w” button wouldn’t work.

I did this on Chrome & it worked PERFECTLY & no extra popup.

And this was on 2 different accounts (same site) that this happened, as I have 2 different accounts.



More Issues (sigh)

So yesterday all was fine, & today my Brave profile for YT won’t play any videos. I get this error - although the error code changes every time.

On other profiles they will play, when I log into that YT channel of mine in another profile it plays, but not on ths one brave profile.

If I take down the shield it plays, & yes it has slightly more shields (I have no idea why) than other profiles, but there’s a profile with 6 more shields (although I’m not logged into google) that plays the videos with no problems.

I can NOT redo this profile. I want that avatar image I selected (you deleted the default avatars & some I liked), plus I want the name YouTube which I can’t duplicate in a new person & like I said, yesterday it was working fine.

Please fix these problems.

The youtube issue is related to youtube and not the browser. Has been reported by other browsers

Then why does it work in other brave profiles @fanboynz ?

The issue is intermittent, doesn’t always occur. We’ve had reports in other browsers of the same issue (in Firefox for example)

See reddit links of other reports: Error playing YouTube videos

Could try disabling personalised ads on:

The clear cookies in youtube, and re-login/re-test.

While we appreciate the reports (and understand your frustration), its much harder for us to track, assist and test the issues you’re experiencing if they’re all rammed into one thread. In this thread, you’ve had 3-4 separate issues – none of which follow the template that we use to get the most accurate information surrounding the issue, and tell us exactly how to reproduce it on our end.

In fact, I was scrolling up so that I could give you one sweeping list of answers to each of your questions, but there are quite literally too many to keep track of. I would very much like to assist you with the issues you’re encountering, but we need to take them one at a time – or at the very least address them one per thread.

Additionally, if you happen upon a site that isn’t working properly, instead of testing in Chrome, you should simply lower your Shields in the Shields panel and see if the site works. If it does, then that means one of the protections in Shields is blocking something that the site requires to run/function as intended (which we can figure out and address). If it does not, then that points to something in the browser specifically causing the problem.

When you see this behavior, note that in your Shields panel now (w/Shields = down), you’ll notice the Report a broken site button – please use this so that we can see the sites that are in conflict with the browser without you (or other users) having to report it.

Please understand that support team (and the team in general) is small and we have thousands of threads/tickets/cases/[support] requests to respond to on any given day. We will always do our best to ensure we respond to and resolve as many issues as possible, but hope you understand that there are limitations beyond our control at this time.

Thank you.


@Mattches - Ok, well I didn’t know.

I was only adding everything to this thread b/c when I created separate threads before, no one ever got back to me.

I want to stay with Brave, but as you can see, there’s a ton of issues & at first I didn’t realize it was Brave. I didn’t even realize that Brave can block sites LOL

It’s only recently that I started to realize that hence testing it on Chrome.

Prior to me realizing, it was taking a ton of my time to contact the companies & tell them there was something wrong only to figure out it was me & not them. :frowning:

I felt ashamed that I was blaming them when it was really Brave.

So where do we go from here? I didn’t know about the report button either when the shields are down.

And with a couple of these issues you can’t duplicate them unless you sign up to the site.

Do you want me to create new threads for each one that’s still an issue?

Thanks for writing back to me.

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No problem – yes, if you don’t mind please take the time to open individual threads. Some of the information will repeat so you’ll even be able to copy/paste into the next thread you make. I will personally keep an eye out for them as you post them so that we can get them addressed.

:point_up: I should clarify that testing in Chrome is not a bad thing to do – in fact, its a great way to rule certain things out and there will be times where we may even ask you, “Does this behave the same way in Chrome?” I’m just calling attention to the fact there are additional troubleshooting steps to take before and/or after trying a site in Chrome.

:point_up: I have lost count of the number of sites/services I’ve signed up for or started a trial in just to test its compatibility with Brave – it’s literally part of my job! :slight_smile:
I’m also happy to contact these companies if I believe that is necessary rather than having you do it – although I do applaud your initiative!

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No, that didn’t help & it does work when the shields are down so I did the report thingy. Thanks @fanboynz

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@Mattches - Ok, I will get to that later.

Ahh, I ddn’t know you sign up for sites to test LOL

Ok, I’ll tag you in any of the new threads when I do that.



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