Vitacost - can't see reviews



So again issues with Vitacost. I turned off the shield & it still doesn’t show the reviews. I loaded it on Chrome & had no issues -!IktxFBID!5B7C5w8PZFjIQnozrtvMtfHPXrTnqR1p7VNPATiNJ88

That’s the video.

Please fix b/c I’ve been telling you guys about issues on Vitacost for months now.


I’m thinking that this is related to an extension you have installed. I say this because I’m able to view the site and all elements on it just fine, using default Shields settings.

Unless there’s some other shenanigans going on, my bet is that if you were to create a new profile (Menu --> Create new profile), which starts you with no browsing data and no running extensions, the site will render without issue.

Would you mind testing that for me?


Hmm, you are right. Sorry about that. It’s this new extension called Blur.

I’m trying to find a replacement for Last Pass as they are a terrible company now that LogMeIn bought them out & ruined the extension.

I only started testing Blur a few days ago.

I’ve notified them after I tested it on Chrome after installing Blur there too.


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No worries! Thank you for confirming!
Glad we were able to get it resolved :slight_smile:

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