Since update yesterday, new searches are pinning themselves in top sites

So the browser updated yesterday, and my top sites are acting strangly. If I do a Brave search, that search results page ends up bumping off one of my top sites on the new tab page.

If I remove it, my to sites go back to normal. But it happens every time.

Samsung A13


Brave copy/pasta’d the same issue that Chrome introduced 2 months ago. It was a P.I.T.A for chrome users, and it’s going to be one for Brave too. (See: Here )

To disable this “feature”:

  1. Type this into the address bar: chrome://flags
  2. Search for: #organic-repeatable-queries
  3. Change drop down box to Disabled.


P.S. - Dear Brave team,
It’s okay to disable this kind of crap for us. Really. You don’t need to push every failed experiment Chromium has already implemented in Chrome to Brave users. Take my word for it, we would prefer it that way. Thank you.


@SingingGeek this worked for me

Thanks, @JoeBP

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That did the trick, thanks!

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