Brave (Android) Homepage Top Sites now includes (one-time) searches

I’m hoping this is just a bug, but I like keeping my top sites limited to 4. Now with Brave including browser bar based searches, this really clutters things up. It’s a rather pain to keep removing them all.


I’m having this issue as well. Came here specifically to report this bug.


Same! See other converation linked here. No useful answer from Brave team yet.


I have the same problem. It makes me terribly nervous. I even wrote to them on Twitter, but there is no response. And by the way, why the ‘quick access’ tab only has space for 4 positions. I can’t fathom it.

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Ít does have more than 4. Why they make you SCROLL to get to them I don’t know. It seems silly. Let them fill up the page.

I’m having the same problem. Every time I delete a few of the searches in the list it adds searches from the past. For some reason searches have been elevated to to die status just because they are brave searches?

I would love to make it so you can personally choose the sites that it lists instead of make it to sites which is obviously broken. Like a super bookmark list.

To disable this, carry out the below steps:

1) Enter brave://flags/#organic-repeatable-queries in the browser address bar.

2) Set the “Organic repeatable queries in Most Visited tiles” flag to “Disabled”.

That’s wonderful! Now how about removing past searches from the history in the address bar?

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