Frequently visited sites and infrequent searches being categorized as same thing

When I use Brave Mobile and go to type in the URL field at the top of the browser, Brave brings up what I thought were just my most frequently-visited websites.
Lately, however, Brave has been bringing up almost any random thing I search for, even stuff I searched a week ago. It’s so random and annoying.
Is there any way to get Brave to stop bringing up any and every random thing I’ve searched, and go back to just bringing up my most frequently-visited sites?

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What are your settings like in Brave Shields & Privacy within your Settings? For example, do you have all three in the screenshot enabled?

Correct, as it says:

Based on your bookmarks and browsing history.

This can be just about anything you’ve ever visited. You can delete history for particular sites or just clear all, which helps. But yeah, it’s not as good as it is on Desktop. On Desktop we can choose to limit it to do things like Bookmarks only or whatever, but it’s something they haven’t worked out on Android yet

If you want to see that change, I’d suggest you create a topic over at Brave Feature Requests and hope they can get it done.

Right on, thanks for the reply. Here’s what those three settings look like for me:

When it just seemed to be listing my most-visited sites, it felt really handy, but now that it’s throwing in all the other searches, it’s just annoying. Maybe the “most-visited sites” thingy is a feature they should consider; I’ll throw out a request.

Thanks again!

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