Since last update browser crashes

Since last update browser crashes when trying to start a game on and on other sites when clicking on two consecutive pop outs.

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I also have this problem since the last update! (:


I don’t have the problem in the Edge browser. So it is a Brave issue.

I’m having the same issue. Everything is working in Chrome.

Also having problems since last update - links in emails not responsive, dumps me out of brave when trying to pay by debit card (links to my bank). I am using Ubuntu with Brave most of the time. No problems when using Firefox?

Please confirm you are updated to the latest Brave version 1.41.100. Brave identified an issue and released a hot fix for the previous version which was causing crashes in some instances.

Please post an update. :smiley:

Yes and you have to start right from Zero if this doesn’t change will consider using Firefox

I just visited the site and didn’t have any issues. Can you please try to make sure you’re using 1.41 which just recently was released? I’d also like to ask you to try it in a Private Window to see if it does the same thing. If it does, try with a New Profile. That may also help us to know if it’s an extension or something in your settings causing problems.

When you say crashes, are you getting any error messages or is it just closing everything? If everything just closes/crashes and you’re still experiencing the same issues in Private Window and in a New Profile, then do as Chocoholic referenced.

You need to go to brave://crashes and you should see a list of crashes that have occurred. If they haven’t sent, hit Send Now and then on the top right you’ll see Show Developer Details that you can click on. By doing that you’ll now see Uploaded Crash Report ID: under your submitted crash report.

With that Crash Report ID, you’ll want to share it here but also submit a support ticket to make sure someone from Brave sees it.