Browser Constantly Crashes Since New Update

Description of the issue: Since the new update I have been having constant crashes within about 10 minuets of the just opening browser. There doesn’t seem to be a specific trigger, just using the browser as intended the browser just random crashes.

How can this issue be reproduced?

It happens whenever I am using the browser, there’s no specific trigger.

Expected result: Normal use of the browser for more than 10 minuets.

Brave Version: v1.48.171

Additional Information: No other Chromium based browser (Edge, Chrome, ect.) has been crashing. I did not install any new extensions. The only extension I have is Ublock Origin. I am more than willing to provide a crash dump if you point me to the location of the logs.

Hello @amonsrs

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Can you please go to brave://crashes and

  • if you have automatic crash reporting is enabled (Settings --> Privacy/Security --> Automatically send diagnostic reports), please respond back here with the crash report ID
  • If Automatically send diagnostic reports is not enabled, ensure you click Send on these crash reports listed on the page, then reply here with the crash report ID

Thank you.

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