Since 2016 with no plan for New York?

Uphold doesn’t have a Bit License, so nobody can create an Uphold wallet in New York state, a massive market

Many exchanges, even some like Coinbase partnered with Brave, have BitLicenses

Why hasn’t Brave shown they care at all about their New York, USA customers?

Four years and not a finger lifted for New York, USA market.

Seems like a very poor business model, doesn’t it? As for me I have a bunch of BAT sitting there that I can’t get to. Should I be frustrated with Brave? Disappointed? Should I be angry that they let me watch promo videos on Coinbase that can be geographically restricted, that didn’t warn me that I couldn’t retrieve my earned funds if I live in New York?

You can blame Uphold and close the topic all you want. You’re the one who partnered with Uphold. You’re the one who doesn’t have an alternate plan for New York, U.S.A. You’re the one crapping the bed here, Brave. If you don’t fix this, you deserve to fade into nothingness.

Terrible! I want the money from all those ads I watched and participated in. Right now you’re scamming me for my coins boys. NO BUENO.

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