New York and uphold

I live in New York State. If you didnt realize it Uphold doesn’t deal with NYS. cant you guys start working on something to just drop deposits to someplace widely used like coinbase? I know coinbase supports BAT I dont know if BAT can be transfered directly to it but cant you deposit a converted amount of usd equivalent of btc or some other crypto to make this process eaiser and for everyone regardless of where they live and the laws in their area??? Ive already lost probably 50+ BAT because I had to clear my phone and uninstalled my browser and lost everything because I cant verify a wallet because I cant use uphold… I think your browser is great except for the inability to do anything with the BAT because of where I live… It would be something to think about working with coinbase on and might be beneficial to the value of BAT as well.

@Buffalobill91 what about Gemini?

yeah I guess Gemini does operate in NY— thanks for the info… I have signed up just now.

but from what I see BAT canonly be transfered with an address and not direct deposit from the browser rewards direct to Gemini? --although I have the gemini widget working it still looks like it will only link to uphold.

I’d just think there would be an easier way than having to connect direct to a wallet – at least looking forward to them working on a better way to handle the BAT because the idea of sharing in the advertising and getting BAT is one of my fav things about the browser.

Mmm in New wallets there are the 2 options.

I don’t know if this will work but try this

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