Uphold Bit license in New York

I can’t connect Uphold to my account to hold my bat due to their bit license not yet being available. I would like to know I can’t use another service or my Coinbase account. I have coins there I can’t trade but at least it is in my account. I have accumulated a good amount of BAT and feel very insecure with it being there and having the Verify button constantly on but useless.

Please tell me what other service I can use to hold my BAT. I am a creator and prolific tipper. I want to continue participating and referring but it is really disappointing and difficult to get new people with these issues.

Just getting approved by Uphold was a nightmare, I was denied, blocked then approved a month later. Now this?

Would love to hear from other New York residents.

Thank you.

For now, Uphold is the only option. The best thing we can do is hoping Uphold will be able to provide their service in NY. https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033020351?mobile_site=true

Or Brave team provide another payout option.
Apologize for the inconveniences and thanks for your patience.

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