Seems no one cares that New York State is blocked by the Uphold partnership

3-4 replies available online and here. Shrug No one cares. New York? Yeah, that market doesn’t matter. Uphold partnership is great for Brave.

Seriously. I made the mistake of buying into this concept, referring at least 7 friends, and looking at all of these full page ads when I could have just gotten a pop-up blocker, not ported over all of my passwords, etc for the last however long.

Coinbase is nice enough to list your token on their exchange, but you are so financially married to Uphold that you’re going to let them ruin your brand while users notice the fact that you’re willing to sacrifice New York state to drive traffic to Uphold? You can’t find a way to move coins to an existing Coinbase account? Why?

It’s just like the full page ads I DON’T get paid for when I open a new tab. It’s just like the referral codes you’ve been sneaking in when we free-text URLs – love the “Whoopsie! Coding error in our favor! Collect $5M! Heheh accident!” It’s a money grab. That’s why.

Listen to your users. I have about $60 in this token sitting there that I’m barred from accessing because you made a crap partnership. Coming out of coronavirus that money just might matter.
Delivering on your model might actually matter.

Why would I buy Brave Swag when this is the product I’m now embarrassed to have shared with my friends WHO ALL LIVE IN NEW YORK???

Get what you can from these money grabs while you can, because your users will not last with this how you act in the early stages. Terrible, and you deserve the rant so own it.

I mean seriously, there are 50 ways to solve this problem for the USER. Give Coinbase or Gemini New York only. Uphold can’t compete for New York without a BitLicense.

How about stop allowing Coinbase to show the cute purple and orange intro to BAT videos for New York Coinbase customers, so people like me don’t go adopting, moving over to, and spreading it to their New York friends and family …all to have everyone convert… and now look like a total buffoon.

Do you want to appear as though you could care less if one of the largest and most influential populations on the planet uses and recommends your project? That would be pretty terrible business practice, but then again I’m just a random Community poster from New York, not anyone who knows what they’re talking about. Fully expecting a shrug again and no action.

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