Uphold Wallet for NY Users

I am a NY resident who has been using brave for years and I now have a substantial amount of BAT in a wallet that is being held hostage by uphold.
Uphold has been promising NY integration for years. Yes, NY is a pain in the butt to work with, but uphold has had way more than enough time to get their act together. If Gemini was able to add BAT wallets for NY users, there is no reason uphold can’t - they are not a small company and I am guessing they are holding many millions of BAT belonging to others hostage as well.
There is absolutely no incentive for them to do it - it’s lovely to hold other people’s money, it can be invested at great profit.

So I have contacted uphold and asked them for a concrete answer as to when there will be integration for NY users. If I don’t get a satisfactory answer, I plan to bring a class action suit against them on behalf of other NY residents. I would much rather they do the integration than go that route, but enough is enough. I registered upholdsuit dot com and I intend to use it to gather and organize class members if they don’t make this happen soon.

Anybody interested in helping out with this?

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