No verify wallet option on Android- Just says 'Your Wallet'

So I have been using Brave on Android for a while now and have not got the option to verify wallet… I have tried to sync Brave to my Mac, and had no such luck with getting the rewards from my tablet to my Mac… I’ve uploaded a picture of my rewards settings page to see if that can help


Hi @DephektDNB - thanks for reaching out. This is not currently an available function, but is something that the team is working on to enable.

Hi Steeven. So what do we do with our BAT? I have 43.5 and would like to link it to my Uphold account that is linked with my desktop Brave account.

Hi, Steeven and @DephektDNB it is so sad. Because the uphold account is so wonderful for trade and do different things. It would be re-evaluated the possibility for Android?

Hi @SaratogaIlich - it’s functionality that we’re currently working on building out.

You can tip your favorite content creators and verified websites.

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Where i can find in the menu?

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