Simplified view of open tabs - Brave not showing tabs with preview

Description of the issue:
Forced legacy tab view.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Just by simply pressing the tabs button.

Expected result:
To open tabs in Card View.

Brave Version:
Brave 1.50.114, Chromium 112.0.5615.49

Mobile Device details
Oppo A15

Additional Information:

  • In this Tab View, thumbnails are not showing, Tab Groups are not working.

  • I tried clearing Brave data, reinstalling it, and it didn’t resolve the issue.

  • The problem occurred after I updated to Brave 1.50.

It is worth noting that Brave’s bottom bar does not disappear when you scroll down. This also happened after updating to 1.50.

I don’t know if this is a separate issue or if it is related to the main issue. Brave has become unusable, and It may not be suitable for daily use.

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@saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige do you guys know how to do this? I had asked Mattches in one of our DMs but did not get an answer. For all I know, there was an option to change this in
settings → Accessibility → Simplified view for Open tabs.

Now there simply isn’t the option in the settings to do, nor in brave://flags

Hey, I remember that Mattches mentioned that if this is something which isn’t in chrome anymore, then that could be the reason why this happened

Uh! So what? I don’t think I can use Brave in this condition.

  • No thumbnails
  • Tabs are hard to reach
  • You cannot know which tab you are currently on

Thanks! You gave me the key to fix that issue. I found “Simplified view for open tabs” in rhe Accessibility settings. It returned the card view tab view.

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I’m writing this if someone accesses this page and encounters the same problem.

The solution is to go to Settings → Accessibility → Simplified view of open tabs [uncheck], Thanks to @SmartyAadi.

  • Why was this option already activated despite deleting Brave data?

In my case, this happened because I used TeamViewer/AnyDesk on my phone before, and they messed up the accessibility settings in Android, and it reflected in the accessibility settings in Brave.

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BTW, you still see that option? Cause on mine I simply don’t. Even though our brave Version numbers are the same I don’t see that option. It’s weird. @mattches do you have any idea why it might be so?

He was able to see that option because he had changed accessibility settings on his Android device (as he stated, due to TeamViewer) — this option is not available otherwise.

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