Recently the react tabs have been change. How can I get the old one back

As u can see in photo That’s what they have now. I want the old ones

Go to settings → Accessibitlity → Turn off ‘Simplified view for open tabs’

I tried that on my one, didn’t work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing cache, clearing data, and restarting the phone. Have I missed something? I am using a Galaxy S23 Ultra with Android Version 13. Thanks!

Weird. Worked for me tho.
@anon57438784 might know more.

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No worries! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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post a screenshot of the accessibility page in Brave.

Also, did you install an app or modified an accessibility setting or something? Since you say you still get a weird layout after reinstalling Brave, it is weird that’s happening, unless the seeing is being turned on immediately after installing. Better to ask.

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