Preview of open tabs

After last update I no longer see the previews of open tabs, but I see only a list of websites, as shown in the following image:

What happened?
How do I solve this inconvenient problem?


Does anyone else have the same problem as me?

I believe there was some work done on the Chromium side that may have removed this particular view as an option. That said, I think the “tab grid layout” could work for you. To enable this:

  1. Launch Brave on your Android device
  2. Type brave://flags in the address bar and hit enter/go
  3. On this page, search for a flag titled #enable-tab-grid-layout
  4. Set the value to Enabled and relaunch the browser when prompted

Note that (since I last checked this flag) there appear to be several options here. Setting the value to Enabled should work just fine but the other options offer different variants of the feature which you may want to fiddle with.

Thanks for the advice.
I had tried this (also before) but it doesn’t work.
Has nothing changed.

How do you see the open tabs?

When you click on the tab “box” next to the main menu (to view all open tabs) you should see them displayed in grid view – something like this (note that the example image below is of Chrome but it should look the same):

On Chrome mobile I see the grid view.
On Brave, however, I keep seeing a screen with a list of links

Can you also try going to Settings --> Accessibility and see if you have Simplified view enabled? If so, can you try unchecking it and see if this makes any difference?

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Thanks my friend!
I solved my issue with your advice.
… I wonder why that option was active since I didn’t activate it

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