No tabs preview


After the install of 1.19.92 android version, I have no more previews of my opened tabs when I push the tabs icon.

Is it normal? If yes, it’s for me a very bad news. I prefer internet browsers with tabs preview.

Thank you

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the way they appear on your end?

No I can’t share my tabs. But a just have a list of links instead of windows previews

I believe that this is a known Chromium issue that has to do with your device’s accessibility settings. On your Android device, can you go to Settings → Accessibility and see if you’ve enabled any of these features? If so, try disabling them temporarily and test to see if the tab “card view” returns.

Note that you may also need to close and relaunch Brave after making this change.

@bilin95 Yes you can share your tabs screenshot. Just open a bunch of “New Tab Page” without any websites opened.

Edited my issue posted here, once it was solved with the help from this post ( Tab list preview - #5 by Mattches) post.

Go to settings>>accessibility. And uncheck the simplified view in open tabs menu.

Thank you.

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