Simple login to website accounts like google, trello, canva

Hi, I’m so happy to have discovered BRAVE the other day! Great thing! But what I still need to optimize (and here I need HELP please) > logging into accounts (I constantly use, trello. com etc) doesn’t work yet, or it was even better with Chrome. What do I have to do so that I don’t always have to log in to the above-mentioned sites again? This sometimes involves 5 steps and new windows. Very cumbersome.

Of course, I have specified these URLs in the settings: Privacy and security / Cookies and other website data / Websites that may always use cookies. Nevertheless, I always have to log in again when I close the window or tab.

How can I optimize this?

And: I have a Macnook with Touch ID. Is it not possible to log in or sign in to websites using a fingerprint in BRAVE?

Thank you very much!

@Scholli I use some of those sites, such as Google Drive and Gmail, and I never get logged out. If you’re having to login each time, then it means you have something clearing your cookies. Other possibilities is you are using VPN/Proxy where it can’t confirm you’re the same person or you have something like 2FA enabled and the extra security is making you login.

Keep in mind that security programs, any type of extensions, your device settings, performance programs (like cCleaner, Avast Cleaner, or anything that “cleans” your computer or “boosts performance”), etc all can sometimes block or clear cookies. So there can be a lot of little things to look through and adjust/test if things aren’t working as expected.

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You may also need to tell these sites themselves to “not forget this device” in order to stay login/not have to re-authenticate. As @Saoiray said, I use several of these sites as well and have never had an issue staying logged in.

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