Having to sign in when i open websites such as Twitter, YouTube, etc

Hi, i am having an issue where i have to constantly sign back in to websites such as Twitter, YouTube and many more when i open up the Brave browser. This issue is especially annoying for me since i have 2 factor authentication on every account. This issue was a problem i had in the past with Google and Edge, and it seems to be happening to me in Brave. I should note that i downloaded Brave today (as of writing this), so my settings should be set to default settings.

Which makes it sound like it’s a chromium issue as a whole or it’s because you have some setting or extension on all of them.

What I’ll tell you is that I’ve been remaining logged in on all Google sites, Twitter, Reddit, etc. So it makes it seem like it wouldn’t be a browser issue.

Have you added any extensions or anything? Are you using any programs like Avast Cleaner or CCleaner?

Does it log you out immediately upon closing the window or what seems to be happening prior to you being logged out?

Lastly, can you please provide the following:

  • Which version of Brave? The reason I ask is there’s a lot of assumptions we can make. While someone might say “the latest,” is that the latest on Release, Beta, or Nightly? Is it the latest from a repository or Brave’s official website? Because of some of these differences, it’s good to know the specific version number.

  • Which OS are you using? (Such as Windows 11, Android 13, Linux Mint 21.2, etc)

I currently uninstalled both Avast Cleaner and CCleaner and it logs me me immediately upon closing the window. Once i open it again, it asks me for permission to allow access to cookies on all websites, as well have me log in again. I also have no extensions installed.

I am on Brave version 1.57.127 and my OS is Windows 10.

I can send a video of me logging in and closing the browser if needed.

What do you select for this? If you’re blocking cookies then that would be an issue. It needs a cookie to keep you logged in.

And I’m curious to see what that prompt looks like.

This is the third issue like this I’ve seen today — wondering if there is a bug in the most recent update causing this. Will reply back here when I have more information.

I select accept all cookies and it still requires me to log in and accept the cookies again. I have video footage of this happening, but i can’t send it since new users aren’t allowed to send videos?

Darn, @Taki2. I was hoping might be something quick and simple. One last thing I’ll ask you to test. Can you create a new browser profile and see if it automatically logs you out from that as well? Someone else experiencing your issue said it worked fine on new profile but not on their original. If same happens to you, might let us try to narrow things down a bit. Otherwise will need to rely on what Mattches determines and has you troubleshoot.

Not sure if you’re aware of how to do a new profile, but it’s Hamburger Menu
imageAdd new profile → Type something for name and hit Done.

This will create a secondary test profile. If you don’t add anything or change settings, it should have everything at default (which is what we want). Just see if it retains your login there.

I know you said you just downloaded today and it should be default, but still helpful to check. Not only to see if it might be because of something small you might have changed without thinking, but it could also be a hint as to whether something could be occurring within profiles for some reason.

Just tried that and it didn’t work :frowning:

Ok, thanks for trying. I know Support and developers are trying to figure out what might be happening for those experiencing this issue. Hopefully @Mattches will get back to you later.

Video footage of my problem. That sentence should send you a link to the video i would have sent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYnDYaEwW2g Here’s the full link if it doesn’t work.

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Can you please launch Brave and go to brave://historgrams, wait for the data appear and then click the Download button. Then send it to me here on Community in the DM I’m about to send to you.

This will help us get a closer look at what is happening under the hood (note that no personal/sensitive information is contained in these).

Thank you

Could this issue be a Windows 10 issue? I remember i downloaded an Windows 10 update last week. Not sure if this issue happened before or after the update, i think after.

what happens in brave://settings/content/all and/or Devtools?

  1. Brave by default removes cookies after 7 days that are done through JS, you allow them or block them or whatever.

  2. Brave doesn’t save “session” cookies even if you are using Continue where you left off, which is a behavior on Chromium, so Brave works differently there.
    This is important, because it means a lot of cookies get removed on restart.
    This is the reason why Brave added a ‘theater mode’ scriptlet for Youtube, so using Theater mode will work as ‘expected’, which means, you select it and it keeps it.

So yes, things should be checked further. For example, go to any website, go to devtools and console and run these two JS:

  1. document.cookie = "Test1=this should stay; max-age=604800; path=/";
  2. document.cookie= "Test2=this should disappear; path=/";

Restart the browser, and go to either the website and devtools or brave://settings/content/all and see if data is there as you set it on restart.

It works fine on Nightly, and Nightly and Stable share use Chromium 117, so if something had changed would be on upstream and not Brave.

Also, what happens with the Cookies file when you close the browser? it is located in %localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Network what is happening to the Cookies file when you close the browser?

Your video shows a problem, but you never go deep to show if Data still persists or it gets completely cleared, or what is going on with it.

if you see some data getting removed, check if it set to ‘session’ or something. either some day has to get removed or all.

Seems like you are using a new profile and all you changed was to allow cookies, is that all you did?

Like I would even check Preferences file to see if some setting got enabled, and the UI is showing it as turned off like Forgetful browsing which can be a global setting or per domain, and any other setting which seem to be turned off in your video like Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows or clear on exit and all that.

I mean, based on your video, I can see your Youtube has the cookie like VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE since that is what Youtube uses to track non-logged users watched videos and all. Like a profile stored in Youtube servers for non-logged users. But I can see some recommendations in place for you, unless you are getting weird recommendations.

But that means if the value of VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE is not changing, well, data is not getting totally removed, and that’s what is not clear about people having issues, could be an intended behavior, could be user changing a setting, Brave bugs, Chromium bugs.
But I have never seen Brave failing with Cookies.

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