Showing less BAT to be transferred than expected BATs

Yesterday the expected BATs in the homepage were 2.2 BATs. Now the BAT to be transferred is showing 1.6 BATs

This happened with me before also. I nearly lost 2 BATs that time.

I am on Linux OS

Same thing happen with me in my android and laptop

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That is just an estimate. It will likely be higher when you receive it.

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Fingers crossed for that

It is an estimate. Last month I had received more BAT than they estimated. Which is awesome. Can’t say it is the same for everyone. However, it is a rough estimate and they adjust accordingly.

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Glad to hear that. :relaxed:

@HighPriestess42 I am just curious, did you receive more BAT in payout than estimated in an unverified wallet?

@pranavvaid Is your wallet verified?

@Aman_M no my wallet is not verified.
(Because of the 4 devices limit). Just an unnecessary information.

No mine is verified thru Uphold. In fact all three devices received more than the stimate showed

As far as I know, payout to unverified wallet are processed in multiple of 0.25 BAT. So if your estimated payout is, say, 1.6 BAT, you might get 1.5 BAT and if it is, say, 1.9 BAT, you might get 2.0 BAT.

And any rollover balance from previous month is reflected in Current earnings this month (estimated). So OP should see this counter to increase by the same amount (0.6 BAT in his case) in some time. @pranavvaid Do post an update if this happens or if you receive increased payout this month.

In theory exact amount as shown in “X BAT arriving in Y days” should be processed to verified wallets. I am curious if support is aware of this, @Mattches Can payouts to verified wallets be more than what is shown in the label- “X BAT is arriving in Y days” (After counter has corrected/reconciled itself as per user’s time zone)?

Hi there! I writing here, because I didnt get a reply from

Since the last major changes that were introduced back in August, I havent got any problems. But now I am facing rather unpleasent situation - the pending rewards were 2.094, but under them now shows 1.6755, that are coming in 5 days(as it is for me every 8th of the month). Today a new surprice! Under the estimated rewards for the next month(November) shows 0.464!!! And since the new month (October) I have earned only 0.046!!!

So just to conclude I have not verified by either uphold or gemini. Also I am posting and screenshots of mine problem, in the bottom right you’ll see the exact date I have take them.

I hope you can solve that or at least to clarify how will the things work from now, just to know :slight_smile: Thank you kindly for taking your time to answer my and op questions.

@sasho9522 “X BAT arriving in Y days” can be less than the estimates counter. And rollover balance from previous month (about 0.4 BAT in your case) gets reflected in current estimates (to be paid in next month). However HighPriestess42 and rosiecar have reported previously that your payout can be more than as set to arrive (1.6755 BAT), so keep an eye out for that and do post an update if it happens.

Your Ads received this month counter found on brave://rewards/ should account for your additional earnings (about 0.04 BAT). So may be you have received about 10 ads this month.

Ok, I just wanted to share it with the community so that way mods to take a look. I never saw less than expected and thats why I post it. And I will do post an update here tomorrow whatever the result is :slight_smile:

Edit 08.10: Yes I got more, but not the real one, that I’m showing in the first screenshot.

Like I said before I have always received the exact amont of BATs, ok if it says 1,785 I receive 1,75 like last month or less, but never with so much difference. Thats why I was curious if there is reason for that.

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