I got to much BAT this month. I got 24.00 but should have gotten closer to 6

I got too much BAT this month, while this is nice I want to support this system not bleed it dry. I have no clue why

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Very interesting,

today 80% of complaints about no BAT received, 20% about too much BAT received.
Considering that usually people don’t complain about getting more money, I can suppose this month there has been a big mess concerning wallets :smiley:

If it is possible for me to return the BAT I would be happy to do that. I don’t want the other users to be missing out

Hi, I’ve been using Brave for a few months now and I earned around 5 or 6 BAT for the first two months. When I checked my Estimated Rewards Pending yesterday it was around 6 or 7 BAT so I was expecting around the same this month. But when I got my BAT payment notification today and I clicked to claim it, I had an extra 20 BAT or so. It says it was earned for viewing ads. I guess I just want to find out why I got the extra? Is it one of those grants I read about or something else? There doesn’t seem to be an expiry date on it. It just seems part of my regular earnings. (See image)

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