BAT Payout much lower than Estimated Payout amount

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I had ± 40 BAT from 2 computers all together to arrive in my Uphold wallet, but only received 15. Is that possible? Or does they come in different amounts?


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If you have 2 wallet connected to your Uphold account, then you should expect to have 2 separate transactions for each wallet.

So it’s likely you get paid for one and not yet for the other.

Or 15 BAT is the total of two transactions?

Same problem… I have my single account on my laptop and phone, and both show the same balance. the estimated rewards was 48 BAT, but I only received 4.8 BAT today.

this screenshot is from 3/17/21, and lord knows I’ve looked at more ads since then. Why did I only receive about 10% of the estimated BAT that was showing in the middle of last month?

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I just took another screenshot. Today is April 6, 2021. you can see that this shows May 5 as next payout date. the last one was from March 17 and showed an April 5 payout date. any idea what is going on?

did you receive your bats?
and how do you accumulate so much bats?

I’m on my computer and phone much of the day, working from home. Ads pop up every so often. I just click them when I see them, if I’m not busy.
I probably won’t get any more bat until May, I suspect, but I don’t know if the number will be right or not.

As @eljuno states, you should see two different payments go through for both wallets. At the time of writing this, payouts are about 30% complete. You should see the additional deposit from your other wallet come soon.

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page so I can take a look at your payment status?

I got my BAT today! 49.774 BAT!

I’m not sure why it took a couple of days to come through, but I did get mine and at least wanted to let y’all know.
I promise, I won’t be impatient next month. I wonder if it’s taking longer because there are more new Brave users…


Here is the estimated reward: image
And here is the actual amount I got:

The estimated amount hasn’t decreased either. Is this a bug or are the payments only done partially?

Same for me. I received all my >20 BAT pending rewards, something that didn’t work in the past.

I’ve also got only half of amount I should get here is the proof:image and here is how much I 've got yesterday

Payments are still processing at this time – at about 80% at the time of writing this. Glad to hear that most users are seeing the full amounts processed and deposited into their account :slight_smile:

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wow how can u have 50 bat per month ?

Does this mean that payments are processed partially? i.e. 80% of amount one day, then next day 20%?

If you received less than the estimation, most likely it’s normal @cam12 @rkleva777 .

April payout is for BAT earned in March 1-31. Any BAT received after that - April 30 will be paid in May. And so on.

And estimation counter will adjust itself in coming day/s and subtracted the already paid BAT.

I earned 3 BAT during March and got only half of it in April…

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