Verified wallets started receiving BATs

My wallet is verified and recieved some of the BATs but not full rewards credited.
some BATs are in still pending rewards.
it is automatically credited to my wallet and no claim option was there.
Hope that full rewards get credited.

Let me see Anyone received yet ? and full or just bit of the reward ?

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Nice! You don’t have to worry about the pending rewards. It may credit to your wallet in the next payout.

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still didn’t received. T_T

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Yeah still did not receive ;-;

Don’t worry you will receive. Wait for 1_2 days because payments are under process.

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Yeah! Will wait… Hope they will fix’em.

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Still did not received

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did anyone notice they are giving 0.0025 bat per ad instead of 0.005 bat per ad.


yes i am also getting same issue

Last month they were giving 0.010 BATs per ad.
Then after they changed to 0.0025 and 0.005. some ads will give you 0.0025 and others will 0.005.

0.0025(per ad)*20(total ads per day)*365 = 18.25 in one year.

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I still havent recieved. My wallet is verified too.

i also not recieved my payout of may help

no claim button yet in verified as well as unverified wallet @steeven reply

nope they flagged those walllets

Bro i have also not recived anything in my wallet help me anyone

As they have told Payment are still under process so there is no option for us other than to wait.
so lets wait for more 1_2 days.

We are not getting huge but inthose also the tokens are not coming full

Today again I received 3.5 BATs little portion of my pending rewards,
I think that payments are still in process so may be we will get it full in some time.

I’ve waited a couple of months and I still haven’t seen existing funds move over to the uphold wallet… starting to think its a bit of a con