Shields Up Prevents Pages from Populating

I had to reinstall Brave and now I’m having trouble with Shields Up. None of my web pages populate when it’s on. I have to turn it off to get the pages to come in. This wasn’t happening previously. Thanks for your help.

Hi @sharon888, Welcome to Community!
Do you have any extensions installed? (brave://extensions/)
Can you send us a screenshot of your default Shields settings? (brave://settings/shields)

I have two extensions installed - 1Password and Save to Pocket. I’ve attached the screenshot of my Shields Preferences.

You have fingerprinting blocking on Strict. Can you test with it on Standard to see if that makes a difference?
Also, can you disable your extensions 1 by 1 to see if that also makes a difference?

I will give both of those a try. Thanks!

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