Shield settings go back to defaults

v. 1.11.101 chromium: 84.0.447.8

i change the default settings, close the browser but when i check the shields on a website its back to the default settings:


the tracker and fingerprint setting reset to standard each time you restart your browser i think they meant to make it work like that idk why

but once you change it to aggresive and strict it will stay like that till you restart your browser

hope that help and have a nice day

Ok, thanks. Kind of a pain to have make the change eveytime you start the browser. I must close and open mine 20 times a day.

you welcome and i agree but for me i never close it till i shutdown :wink:

@arris1 @justsomeone1 it should persists. Unless you have “Site and shield settings” option enabled for "Clear on exit” under brave://settings/clearBrowserData.

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thanks @eljuno

would not be better to make the global setting not changed as i thought that those clear on exit related to site settings let us say that i change shield settings for some site but the general settings should be not affected by that

thanks again and have a nice day

eljuno is correct. Once I cleared the check box under: site and shields settings:
The change persisted after closing and reopening the browser.


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