Shields reverts fingerprinting protection settings every time I clear my browser history

I have Brave setup to clear my browsing data, cookies, etc, every time I close the browser but for some reason this also reverts some my Shields settings to the defaults. Is this a bug or a feature? Why would clearing my browser history mean I want to change the level of protection I have the next time I open the browser? As far as I can tell, it’s only affecting the fingerprinting protection setting.

This has been posted a few times but no one has responded with a straightforward explanation.



I hope you get a reply or acknowledgement. I gave up and uninstalled Brave and went back to Chrome. Too many problems that not only aren’t fixed but not even acknowledged when reported. What’s the use?

Thanks for reporting @fpbark @davida. And apologies I’m missing your post.

Usually, we’ll answer your post within 24 hours. If you still not get an answer, you can mention me (or other moderators) to take a look on your issue.

We’ve an issue logged for this. Here


Ah, probably should have searched issues on GitHub before posting. Thx!

I was shocked and disappointed when I noticed this happening. I guess I shouldn’t have been - I have seen toggle slider buttons changing on their own in the past (at the tail end of switching from off to on and vice-versa). Toggle buttons are a joke and were designed with one purpose in mind - the ability for ALL software developers to switch them on and off with updates, predetermined settings, etc. Out with good ol’ reliable radio buttons! No doubt it’s too late to do anything about fingerprinting settings now - the damage is done, and every site I have visited with “block all fingerprinting” settings reverted has what it wants now. I don’t think I have use for Brave anymore. It’s no more secure than what other browsers promise. Settings that can be indirectly toggled on and off without being aware of having initiated it is unacceptable. And as privacy centered as Brave claims it is, how could a “glitch” like this have just escaped the attention of a team of Brave developers??

I don’t buy it.

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