Setting display to automatic causes top bar to disappear on iOS

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Description of the issue:
When the display is set to automatic within app setting on iOS, top bar periodically disappears, including time, WiFi symbol, and battery meter.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Run latest version of iOS 13.1.3
  2. Run Brave Version 1.12.1 (
  3. Set display setting to automatic
  4. Wait

Expected result:
To be able to have a light or dark screen, while still seeing top bar.
Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.12.1 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone X. iOS 13.1.3
Additional Information:

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Hi @Arentcha, thanks for writing in and welcome to Community.

@steeven can you test this out? I don’t think we’ve seen this one yet.

When you say “test this out,” what should I do? Thanks for getting back to me.

Not you, sorry – my colleague @steeven will be the one testing this :slight_smile:

Oh haha! Thank you. Appreciate it.

I think this is a known issue. easy way to reproduce the issue is set device to dark and then change the theme to light on browser the top bar becomes invisible until you close the settings page. I’ll have an issue logged for this and share here soon

Issue logged please track it here

Going to close this thread for now. Please open a new thread if you run into anything else