Dark Mode top area not working

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Description of the issue:
Have Dark Mode enabled. Go to google.com or any other site that “forces”? non-dark. Top area stays bright, bottom is dark. sites like old.reddit.com work.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to google.com
  2. Enable Dark Mode
  3. bottom is dark, top is not

Expected result:
Should be dark on top and bottom regardless of site.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.57.2 (but has been happening for quite a few versions)

Mobile Device details
iPhone 15 Pro iOS 17.0.2

Additional Information:

Brave Browser

Firefox Browser (correct at the top being dark)

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@Mattches I usually tag you on these here good sir :slight_smile:

@JeffNoVA I’m not able to fully replicate what you’re showing, but I am able to recognize an issue here which is that Google has its own toggle. It seems regardless of whether I have Night Mode turned on or off, Google stays the same. It only respects the decision for the setting on their site, such as you can see in the screenshot below.

See the Dark theme: off part? If you toggle that on, it will be in dark mode.

Just an FYI, for what it’s worth. 17.0.3 is the most recent iOS. Not sure if you want to consider updating.

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Thank you for the reply! I have since updated to 17.0.3 and still get this issue. When I select “night mode” it still does not change the top – I chose another random site “https://investmenttakes.com” for this screenshot as it seems that any site that does something like google’s site does this. I have deleted and reinstalled – perhaps there is something in the icloud cache that I need to delete?

This is in Dark Mode, no Night Mode selected.

This is in Dark Mode, with Night Mode selected. Same issue at the top.

Okay, one other thing to check @JeffNoVA

What are your settings in Brave if you go to SettingsAppearance?

My default here was Dark under appearance. I noticed if I had on Light, that after I’d toggle Night Mode on some sites, that things like my tab portion might still say in Light even though the rest of the site was dark. It seemed to have struggled with differentiating website vs browser part. For example, below is a screenshot of the site in light mode but with Brave in Dark. You’ll see the top is more dark but the site isn’t.

And the reverse is below. When I set Appearance to Light but then switched the site to Night Mode, you have the conflicting. So the browser elements are Light but the site is in `Night.

Then Dark with Night mode on:

Sorry if it’s a lot of info and not really opposite of yours. But it is intriguing to see how ours might be different. As you said, it could be that it’s cookies/cache or something. But I guess was also trying to look at settings and how they can impact things, just in case.

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I have it set to Automatic and NOT on Night Mode. My normal MO is that I let it auto to dark at night, and then if a site doesn’t auto recognize that it’s dark, I turn Night Mode on, usually flipping it.

It seems that there are some sites that do not ‘listen(?)’ to whatever Brave is trying to do there – but the most challenging is that top bar. I did see someone else post this one about a month ago, but no reply there so was hoping it was something else.

When I did the same thing that you have setup (dark + night mode to toggle) it still ignores that top part even right now :confused: and when I do (light + night mode to toggle) both the top AND bottom bars are light, and the rest is dark.

Is there any way that perhaps my sync settings could be doing it somehow?

Let me see if we can reproduce this. From what I can tell, most of this is just a mismatch between the site and the browser’s appearance settings. However, the tab strip being light when everything else is dark might be a bug.

Will report back shortly.

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Ok thank you. If it’s a bug that would make sense, but figured that something like that would be more universal so worried that it’s an ID10T error. :smiley:

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