Dark Mode? Darkened Websites? Not responding to "Appearance" setting

At some point last night while fumbling with my phone I seem to have activated a sort of dark mode/night mode where the webpages I visited had their colors changed to darken what would normally be light colors. This happened to Gmail, Youtube, DuckDuckGo, nearly every website either had a purposeful dark mode appearance that was toggled on or Brave Browser redid the colors automatically with a sort of intelligent inversion of dark/light colors.

I liked it for nighttime, but I could not for the life of me figure out how to disable it. I disabled dark mode on iOS, disabled Night Shift, went into Brave’s settings and manually changed the Appearance setting to Light. Changing this setting in Brave only lightened the application, not the content of the webpages.

I leave Dark Mode on all the time, and Night Shift enables automatically, but neither of these settings seemed to trigger the darkening of the webpages. I really have no idea how I got the webpages to darken like that.

Is there a specific name for this feature which darkens webpage contents? Is there a way to toggle it on/off? The only way I could get it to turn off was to uninstall Brave and reinstall. I cannot figure out how to toggle it at all.

Brave Version 1.14.3
iOS 13.3.1 on iPhone 8


I appear not to be the only one. No fixes listed in the linked reddit thread, unsure if this is supposed to be a feature or a bug. It really seems like a feature with a hidden toggle, which makes it act like a bug.

Wish I could continue to use Brave, but I can’t with this issue now popping up after reinstalling twice.

This thread seems to indicate that it will be fixed in the 1.15 update. We’ll see!

Sorry for problems, 1.15 gonna fix this as you mentioned, hopefully we get this release out next week


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