Brave iOS Main and Settings menus shifting from WHITE to BLACK background

Description of the issue:

After a full restart of the Apple iPhone (Apple link ref. at end of all the following), the background of the Brave iOS Main Menu and the Brave iOS Settings Menu, is WHITE, with BLACK lettering. (I prefer that appearance.)

Some time later (and sometimes sooner rather than later) that background shifts to BLACK with WHITE lettering.

I do not know why, nor have I captured a certain “When” to the shift from WHITE background to BLACK background.

This is not a TABS issue - their windows are not affected.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Do full iPhone restart (see last info, herein - Apple restart procedure). The menus will have WHITE background with BLACK lettering, after the Apple recommended Restart.

  2. Sometime later, the menu background color shifts to BLACK with WHITE lettering

Expected result:

Not sure which background is expected by the developers.

Brave Version (check About Brave):

1.27.1 (

Mobile Device details

Apple iPhone 8 Plus; iOS 14.6

Additional Information:

Possible relevant Settings . . .

Brave Shields & Privacy > Clear Private Data > Browsing History: Enabled

Brave Shields & Privacy > Clear Private Data > Cache: Enabled

Brave Shields & Privacy > Clear Private Data > Cookies and Site Data: Enabled

Brave Shields & Privacy > Clear Private Data > Recent Search Data: Enabled

Brave Shields & Privacy > Other Privacy Settings > Private Browsing Only: Enabled

Display > Appearance: Light

Display > Show Tabs Bar: Never

Display > Close Tabs: Manually

Display > Show Bookmarks Shortcut: Disabled

Display > Hide Brave Rewards Icon: Enabled

Full Restart of Apple iPhone:

Thank you for reaching out. To confirm, the theme on your iPhone itself is set to standard and/or light, is that correct?

Brave iOS settings:

Settings > Display > Appearance: Light


Excuse me - if you mean by “theme on iPhone itself” . . . the iPhone iOS settings are:

Settings > Display & Brightness > Appearance > Light

Settings > Display & Brightness > Brightness > sliding scale control: about 30 percent

Settings > Display & Brightness > Brightness > True Tone: Disabled

Settings > Display & Brightness > Brightness > Night Shift: Off

So I think that the reason you’re seeing this is because you have Private browsing only enabled. The bug you’re pointing out actually is the expected behavior – what’s not expected is for the browser to launch in light-mode at all while Private browsing only is enabled.

Does this make sense?


I was hoping that the “light-mode” for the menus:

Brave iOS Main Menu
Brave iOS Settings Menu

. . . being WHITE background with BLACK lettering, could/would stick (I’d have that option).

Unfortunately that’s not the case and I think that (apologies again) we will actually end up fixing this such that if you’re on private only you will not see white/light background at all in your situation.

Anybody interested in how the Brave Support people proceed with fixing a bug, such as this webpage describes . . .

The ISSUE at GitHub - Brave - Brave iOS:

And the COMMIT (the Fix), there:

. . . where you can see the changes made to the code.

This WHITE background after full Apple Restart of iPhone - bug - still exists.

In addition to the Main and Settings menus, if I choose to “Share with . . .” a webpage link, via Mail, the background will be doing the WHITE but at some point, eventual BLACK, thing.

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 4.27.40 PM

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 4.28.33 PM

You’re saying that that page appears white at first but then switches to black?


Until this evening (Aug. 5, 2021), I have been using Brave iOS 1.28 (

My Original Post (July 15, 2021), above, applied for the version before that, but also for version 1.28 that supposedly had a fix for this issue . . . (Re WHITE background, for a while, after a full Restart per Apple instructions - despite the Private Browsing Only setting where you [Brave Software / developers] expect a BLACK/dark background.)

After you wrote to me, about 3 hours ago (it is now 9:01 PM ET USA), I decided to install the recent Brave iOS update, and so I am now using Brave iOS 1.29 ( - and my Original Post, above, still applies:

That screenshot was taken while the WHITE background was in effect, following a full Restart again, after I installed the latest Brave iOS, this evening.

Also with Private Browsing Only, engaged (I always have it engaged):

The Brave iOS Main Menu:

This evening, I discovered:

If I use the PLUS sign at the bottom of the display - while looking at the Brave iOS window showing 1 or more Tabs (Tab Pages - you call them?) . . . THEN the expected BLACK/dark background takes effect:

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