Set location manually

I’m trying to filter out search results from other countries. When I try to set location manually no map appears. My vpn is turned off.

@Lassorus you need to provide more details if you want help. For example, are you speaking of Brave Search or where are you having issues?

If it’s Brave Search, have you not paid close attention to your results page? Because you can choose your country there. Or what do you mean when you say “no map appears?”

I would not be seeking a solution in the Brave community if it wasn’t a Brave search. Checking the country was the 1st thing I tried. The map I refer to appears when you set your location manually. You’re suppose to move the map around until it lines up with your location. I have the same problems trying to filter out results from UK on google searches.

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If you look around Community much, you’ll see people come here to post about issues with lots of different websites or programs. I hate making assumptions as they waste time and can make it difficult to get issues resolved. As such, I generally try to make sure to get as much information from people as possible so we can focus on facts and hopefully get to solutions.

Part of the issue here was that while Creating Topics you didn’t choose a category, such as to label that this is occurring on Brave Search. And what was shared was minimalistic, leaving people to make a lot of assumptions and to “fill in the blanks” with information that might not be accurate.

Keep in mind that we try to troubleshoot and see if it is something that can be replicated by others. So every little detail can matter so each setting or step can be adjusted to be as similar to yours, this way the issue might be easier to recognize and resolve.

What it seems you’re hoping to configure is as below:


When you click on Set Manually, it should open the map:


You can zoom and all there, to choose specific locations as you mentioned. Just to be clear, is this what you’re trying? If so, how far along in the process are you able to get?

So are you able to see the option and once you choose Set Manually it’s doing nothing? Again, I don’t want to assume you’re able to see or click on things if you don’t mention it specifically. What you’re able to see, what happens when you interact with things, etc all are different signs to things.

Only from Brave browser? Or do you also experience this issue if you tried to do it from Chrome?

I’d also be curious if you could create a new browser profile and test to see if it happens there? This would create a second browser profile with default settings and no extensions. If it works well there, that suggests it’s one of your extensions and/or browser settings.

Hi Saoiray.

Please forgive my not properly selecting a topic/category, this is my 1st time posting on this forum and I thought that I had. Also please forgive my question for being succinct. I come from a universe of electrical engineering research and development where being clear and concise is necessary for pushing projects through to completion.

Pertaining to the map for manually setting my location, upon pressing the radio button I was presented with simply a white box with no map to juxtapose to my location. Its not as if nothing happened, more like the map just wouldn’t properly load.

After a bit of research I find my main problem is I was under the misconception that a browser and a search engine were the same thing. So to clarify things for me would it be correct to say the Brave browser can utilize any search engine? This would explain why using Brave to search was yeilding very results that were much the same as using chrome. It’s because google is my default search engine so it doesn’t matter what browser I use the results depend on what the default search engine is, correct?

The root of my problem is this. My bank is giving me the shaft, to the tune of $4,000. So I’m searching for very specific U.S. banking laws. I input a query, click on a result and start reading. About half way through it’ll start sounding somewhat British and I’ll look at the link and sure enough I see a “.uk” in the link. This frustrates me to no end.

So I am trying to find a way to limit the results I get to only those pertaining to the U.S. so I don’t end up doing a lot of unnecessary reading. Multiple sclerosis has severly affected my ability to read and I can only read so much before my head feels like its going to explode.

And it doesn’t help when the nefarious folks at google intentionally blur the lines by interchanging the words google and chrome such as to have one who doesn’t know comparing apples to oranges. Then they post garbage like the attached screenshot to discourage self help.

Can you please tell me how to limit search responses to those pertaining to the U.S.?

Many thanks.

That is correct. The web browser you use is the vehicle that you use to travel the internet. All web browsers can access just about all websites. What varies is overall performance, security, and privacy.

Correct. Any search you do via Google should be about the same if done from the same device, as it is searching that website database. Of course results will vary greatly as you check other search engines, such as Brave Search, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex, etc.

Just to be picky, default search engine is just what it goes to based on what you type in the address bar. If you go to and then search using the search bar on the page (rather than your browser address bar), it would search on Brave Search rather than Google.

You may want to give this a try and see how the results on Brave Search will handle for what you want. It’s a bit newer so may not be fully accurate, but it’s worth comparing.

I do have Brave installed on my phone and when I open it the search bar has the Brave icon as well as a red triangle. Does typing search query there use the Brave search engine or my default search engine?

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