Can brave Search results be localized automatically?

I like using brave Search, but there are times when the location is off. I’ve tried the same search using Duckduckgo, and after I grant it my location it automatically gets my location each time I search. I can set my location manually in brave, but is there a way for it to automatically retrieve my location every time I search?

Store brave search cookies.

The next time you search ‘restaurants near me’, it will now your location as you inputed it beforehand.

Ok. How do I do that?

Just manually change your location from search settings, (eg Paris) then in brave shields (orange lion icon) change cookie settings to ‘Allow all cookies’.
In browser settings, make sure that on exit cookies are not cleared, be it brave search or another other company like google, facebook etc.
To check if your new changes worked try via searching, it should list restaurants in Paris (or your exact locality)

I am currently busy, or I would have given exact info by video recording.



Thanks. That seems to have worked. Is Duckduckgo go better for showing places on maps though?

No idea, might be better than brave search.

But google is definitely the better one among all search engines regarding location based searches.

True. Hopefully the developers of brave Search make improvements in the near future to the maps tool, I would like to see more detailed information and more accurate location tracking.