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Whenever I used Brave to search, I get results in the UK. I live in the USA. I do not have a VPN. All my other browsers (Safari and Chrome) know my correct location. I have checked my Brave settings. I’m using OSX and IOS, all up to date.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Very strange it would do that — I have not seen this happen before without the use of a VPN or some other altered connection.

Can you go to and tell me if the Anonymous local results option is toggled “on”? Then, either way, can you please try setting your location manually (using the Set location manually button in that same section) to the appropriate location and tell me if this changes the results?


It seems to have worked; at least I got slightly different results duplicating a search, so we’ll see.

I was unable to X out of the settings page after changing my settings (it just wouldn’t close), so I’m just hoping my new settings were saved.

I never found that page before, though I searched for it; the only settings page I found on the site looked different. Or maybe I just didn’t go far enough, who knows.

Anyway, if they didn’t take, I’ll redo it.

Many many thanks!


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