Brave returns search results from U.K. with my settings in U.S.A. witch started a couple months ago

Hey gene580,

Are you running a VPN, or have you changed any of your location settings on either your browser/PC?

It also might be an extension, as strange as that sounds. If you have any, can you disable them and see if that changes anything?

I have VPN but chrome, firefox, & edge do not think I am in the U.K. With extensions off & VPN off I was able to get local search results, but on refresh it went back to U.K.

I would suggest disabling everything one at time to figure out what specifically is causing the location issue, assuming it’s not just the VPN.

If you absolutely must use everything you have mentioned/shown here, I can only suggest disabling whatever the culprit is whenever you want to search something. Although, if I may ask, do you have these location issues in other search engines aside from Google on Brave?

No issues with Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. They run with the same extension and with VPN enabled. I use Firefox when I want to search locally. Thanks for you reply’s.

Sorry misread your question. Duckduckgo & Bing no problem. I’ll use one of these. Thanks

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