Send Bat from Gemini to Uphold

How do I move the BATs I have on Gemini to Uphold?

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You will get your BAT address in Uphold with that you can transfer ur BAT Gemini to Uphold

And yeah Withdraw is free on gemini othewise you will be charged very high fees for transfer because BAT is ERC tokan

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Thanks for info Impoiler !

I understand very high fee charged for BAT transfer to other address (think this’s a network fee?)

But, can I convert BAT to other token like BTC, ETH or others at Gemini and than send to one outside address ? What would be the most convinient to convert in ?
Are there also any hidden fees in that case ?
Thanks again !

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Hi @arminstuk

I would say no if you want you can transfer BAT from Gemini if you will do that you will not have to pay single cent as a network fee or hidden fees it is absolutely free of cost

And if you want to convert to other token then this is applicable for all in Gemini

Gemini provide 10 free withdrawal per month so you can transfer direct BAT or you can convert to other and then transfer


Sorry, I’m new and a bit confused here because you said in previous reply:

Is that the case for transfer BAT to Uphold only ?
Thanks for your time !


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Sorry for confusion but I’m telling you in the simple way

No necessary to Uphold only you can Withdraw in any exchange from Gemini for free.
Gemini is only exchange who provide this service of free withdrawals

Let me know if you have still confusion

It might possible I haven’t understand ur question


Thanks !

No more confusion on my side.


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Do you mean that I should leave the bats in Gemini instead of transferring them to Uphold?


No I didn’t say that if you want you can transfer or if you want to keep in Gemini you can


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