Semi-transparent edges of PNGs turn green

I’m using Brave 0.56 on Fedora Linux 29.

Since the last update I’ve noticed that most transparent PNG images have dirty or off-color edges. The edges are all green (as shown in the three screenshots below) instead of being semi-transparent.

I beleive this was introduced with the latest update. I thought that this might have been a graphic card issue, but ’m not seeing this issue on other Chromium-based web browsers on this machine. My computer is rocking an AMD Radeon RX 580 (“Ellesmere”) using open source drivers.


@2da, thanks for reporting.
Going to ask the team about this right now. I’ll come back when I know more.

cc @sriram for more info as well.

The Brave Logo is a known issue because its using a PNG image instead of an icon. There’s an issue logged for that

Regarding Qwant and the emoji icon, does that get fixed if you disable hardware acceleration under advanced settings?

This is on my Linux machine running NVIDIA proprietary drivers and not using the open source drivers which doesnt make it look blurry.

Have you tried installing AMD GPU drivers ? Need to be careful as proprietary drivers have a nasty habit of screwing up on Linux.

Yes, and that also takes care of the Brave icon. Enabling hardware acceleration in Vivaldi also reproduces the issue there.

What is the cost of leaving hardware acceleration disabled? Slower page loads and more choppy videos?

Its mostly slow performance and high CPU usage since dedicated GPU won’t do the job because its handled by proprietary drivers. Open source drivers wont do the same job. I’d recommend installing AMD signed drivers over opensource drivers. But my experience has always been sour with AMD drivers on Debian and OpenSuse. Not so sure about Fedora but please try to check for specific AMD driver to get full performance.

I’ll close the thread for now. Please open a new thread if you face any other issues.