I am having trouble with the Brave Browser for Desktop

Hi, so I randomly encountered an odd problem yesterday. So when I got home from work, I hopped on my computer, but as soon as I opened Brave up, I noticed something strange, which is whenever I load into any page, or just idle, the entire page becomes blurry. It’s really weird, I’ve never seen this before, and Google Chrome and Microsoft edge work perfectly normal, it’s only Brave that does this, I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and the problem still persists. Whenever I hover the mouse over texts or tabs, or anything on the screen, the display goes back to normal, but then it becomes blurry shortly after. Has anyone ever experienced this before? And if so what can I do to resolve this?

Yes sir, I have this same issue. Especially with websites like YouTube. I had to uninstall Brave on my new HP laptop because of this issue which is a sham because I love. This same fading/blurring effect also happens when I open the Epic Games Launcher. I have tried troubleshooting this matter with GPU settings, Updating Drivers, and even Updating the BIOS with no avail.

I have a 4800H AMD mobile CPU and GTX1660ti and integrated radeon graphics as well. No clue what the deal is.

Would love to know a fix.

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