Bookmarks icon: doesn’t recall last used state (iOS)

Description of the issue:
When I touch the bookmark icon I get the window that’s mostly blank with “Mobile bookmarks” at the top. Tapping “Mobile bookmarks” then brings up my bookmarks list. Until a few days ago this was not the case. If my actual bookmarks list was showing when the bookmarks window was dismissed, like by tapping a bookmark itself, then the list view window is what I would get when tapping the bookmark icon. In other words, it was remembering the last used state. But now when I touch the icon, the window has always reset to “Mobile bookmarks” and I need the extra tap to get to my actual bookmarks list. It’s just one more tap but it’s very annoying, esp when I know the capability to go straight to my list used to be there. Is there a way to get this back?
Caveat - when I access bookmarks through the dots at he upper right of browser, it does go straight to my bookmarks list. But that’s two taps (dots>”bookmarks”>list). I prefer the one tap of getting straight to my list just by touching the bookmarks icon (before this issue started).

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.33

Mobile Device details ipad 6th gen

Additional Information:
I’m using ios 15.2. This is NOT happening with Brave on my iPhone SE (2020) Brave version 1.27.1

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This issue is known and had previously been reported here:

The iOS team is reviewing the issue.

I posted my issue in that thread a few days ago. But the initial poster’s overall issue seemed different enough that I thought this might need its own thread.

And like I said in my post, last state is not remembered when I use the bookmark icon. But it is remembered when I access bookmarks from the three-dot menu. So the problem varies by way of access. I prefer the icon - it’s handier when working correctly.

That is – unless I’m missing something – the exact issue being reported in the other thread. I’ll be sure to update both threads when we have a fix in the works.

Went ahead and opened an issue for this on our github as well:

I started having these issues with my iPhone SE 2020, and my iPad 10.5 Pro since a few weeks ago. Both are always up to date with regards to iOS and the app updates.

When I hit the bookmarks button on both devices, all I see are the options to either select the Mobile Bookmarks folder, or the Desktop Bookmarks folder. This is killing my user experience.

Sorry for this regression, fix for it is coming in iOS 1.34, probably sometime next week

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That would be fantastic, michal. Thank you!

Any update on this please?

Build version 1.34 is out, you can update it from App Store


Did the fix for these two:

“Bookmarks icon: doesn’t recall last used state . . .”

“Bookmarks page not remembered . . .”



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