Seems there won't be any payouts in August as well (Creator)

Hi everyone ! :slightly_smiling_face:
I have the feeling that I will not receive any Brave rewards in August as well (like in July).

A few months before the payout was always generating from the 5th and took a few days.
Now I’m 90 % sure it won’t happened and the message bellow will disappear tomorrow…

Anyone got this as well ?

Shall I you @steeven @Mattches ?

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Nothing to worry about @Dmitri1995.

The payout is proceed in the first week of the month. So that message is normal.


Thanks for your response, but the last month I had exactly the same situation, and I haven’t receive any BAT, this is why I’m a little bit confused.

Last month after the same generating, on the 9 th July, I could read ‘’ next payout 8th August "

best , have a great day

Me too, in previous month exactly july 2020 im not getting paid from brave
but @steeven said payment for july 2020 will be paid this august

is your first payment ? when you started in brave creators ?

I have started in November 2019 and I know how it usually works. But since July there are a few troubles

Just waiting like me, waiting for payment july and will be paid in august
please share your experience about this trouble here [Unpaid July Payments by Brave] (will be paid in August)

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I don’t understand the concern can you argue better? Thank you

Me to from 2 month I did not receive the payment and message is same Payout Report is in progress

Closed - pending Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020